What Are We About?

Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley DNA, Globally, Locally and in Space. Virtually anything to do with relevant current (sometimes historical) all things, all going on about, how entrepreneurs are doing good! And sometimes those doing bad, when I feel like making it known.

Michael McAnally talks about how to be an entrepreneur in a series of videos recorded very ad-hoc and unscripted. Straight from the mind with a lot of aahhs in speaking.

I'm looking for real stories of silicon valley, start-ups, locally and globally, contact me (advertisers unwelcome), if you have a story you want to tell or if you would like to be a writer of stories for this magazine, we don't pay to start, but you never really know where this could lead . . . How exciting is that?!

Silicon Valley is hot right now, there even is a HBO series by the same name, but this site is about real stories, not made up ones from some script writer in Hollywood. More interesting anyway, in my opinion. And if you don't already know, telling a real story with passion can actually boost your business up, as well as any advertising $'s can, and its a whole lot cheaper.

The Currency Of Ideas, Editor-n-Chief Michael McAnally, July 2015.