Local Entrepreneurship

I was interested in learning how to sew, something my mother never taught me, mostly because that wasn't something boys learned back then. My father taught me how to take apart a car engine, and put it back together again, but I never learned how to sew.

So when I met Kyle Ng, you can understand why I was fascinated by his work, and it lead into this nice segment about Local Entrepreneurship.

Purchasing goods made locally, can really be good for the planet earth, because materials are not being shipped half-way across the world, just to take advantage of cheaper labor. Kyle has designed some innovative products, hand made with quality. You can check it out on his website at OuterShellAdventure.com.

Kyle is an example of a small cost start-up, capitalizing on the idea of making local goods, but selling globally. If you have an interesting idea, don't be afraid to take the chance, you just might be successful if you work really hard and smart at it!