GEORGE ORWELL 2015: I'm In A Den Of Hackers Two Degrees From Snowden. Look for Rm. 101 to save me!

I'm sitting in the Alan Turing room at Noisebridge hackerspace here in San Francisco, CA writing this post. That explains the den of hackers” reference in the title. But before I explain the Edward Snowden reference we need to get a few definitions straight, and a few stories need to be told.

The Second Most Famous Garage In Silicon Valley

The Second Most Famous Garage In Silicon Valley

I'm sitting in Cafe Venetia, an Italian cafe in one of the most powerful and influential technological cities in silicon valley, on one of the most upscale streets of Palo Alto California, University Avenue, waiting to meet Ann Bradley, the blogger and writer of “The Silicon Valley Story” for coffee.

Ann, and I are following up to our first encounter over a year ago at a bitcoin meetup, which I randomly walked into. She arrives with a bike helmet and bag, having parked her bike on the sidewalk outside. We exchange pleasantries and she gets settled in at our table, with what looks like a lovely cappuccino. I glance at my phone to notice that I have only 1.5 hours left on a blue zone parking spot for my car. See says parking is free in downtown Palo Alto, but I don't want to get a ticket.

In a very eclectic and thrilling roller coaster ride of topics, our lively conversation waxes back and forth across subjects such as: degrees of Snowden, the CIA and PRISM, Pebble vs.the Apple Watch, What to do?, the Metaverse, Ray Kurzweil chief engineer at Google, exporting Silicon Valley DNA around the world, my indie comic book, and universal consciousness and the plot of the recent science fiction movie Ex Machina.

My Avatar is a Tripod


I've pivoted a little bit, re-launched WEBMAC my website design and development business. Silicon Valley is hot right now and many new start-ups are in need of design and development experience.

Open the Refrigerator Door and Take a Trip Back in Time with Me

What a ridiculous title. Every child born today learns about the Internet at an early age. It’s like an information appliance, like opening the refrigerator door for food or drink, but in this case, it is information. Information that feeds your mind. Today whole libraries are now available on the Internet.

Like food in a refrigerator, it gets old, stale after a time and needs to be replaced. Imagine if you had a refrigerator with a time dial on the outside. Just before opening the refrigerator door you could set the year and day to say ten years ago, or twenty. You could then open the refrigerator and see what was inside! Let’s say the food wouldn’t be stale, but as fresh as it was that day back on January 1, 2001. Well that’s about as far as I want to take this analogy. What I’m really talking about is the Internet Archive.

Not many people know that the Internet has been archived all the way back to 1996. For the younger among us that may actually be before we were born. Using the Way Back Machine, I was able to reconstruct some my Web Designs and Programming from 20 years ago, the trick is remembering the URLs.

The Entrepreneur


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Please play the audio narrative above for this blog article. Recorded by Michael McAnally on the morning of Nov. 22, 2016.

I'm writing this post early in the morning, in fact a little after 4 am on Thanksgiving day. I'm up worrying about the start-up, about our team, about how we are going to bootstrap this thing?! Maybe I'm not cut out to be a founder? I must push it back, tune it out, move forward anyway, for I need to set a good example for the others.

It's been about three months and we are in stealth mode, so I can't talk much about specifics. We have made progress, there our four of us on the team now and we are answering many of the necessary questions. We are beginning to get some traction with our value proposition, business plan and even technology architecture and prototype refinements are progressing. We have the added difficulty of having to manufacture an IoT hardware component for use in our business model.

Admittedly we are progressing much slower than desired, but considering we are doing this with no fuel but our own sweat equity, not really bad at all. Coaching my self again, I really need to keep prospective and remain positive. The team has finally gelled and we are thinking of adding others! They will bring their own dynamic energy to the mix, both solving and creating new problems.

It has not been easy or effortless. Anyone who thinks that putting the word founder or co-founder after their name just to sound cool, should really think again! Sure it's exciting to be creating something really new and different, but very hard as well. At this time If I were to offer advice on whether to build a new start-up . . . I would have to encourage you only if you have the necessary fortitude and determination, and dissuade you if you do not.

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading my blog, I have include some helpful essential links for your founders journey.

Startup Essentials:

a video about Why?
the lean start-up
Business Model Canvas
Mind Map
Value Proposition Canvas Explained
how to hold a facilitated meeting
how to discuss equity in a newly formed startup
you may need to model new or existing business processes or use cases, UML is the tool for this
Personas, a valuable tool as well
The Dark Side of Startups: 5 Corrosive Co-Founder Conflicts
Startup Dirty Laundry: Conflicts That Kill Partnerships
IDEAS - Ideation - Market Scanning
Resources for Creating a Marketing Plan: Environmental Scan
How to do a market analysis for a business plan

I'm surprised when many entrepreneurs don't understand Gartner's Hype Cycle!

I would hope that the VCs do!

See example article for 2015: What’s New in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015, then my comments, if you care to.

Listen, I ride the technology waves as much as any other futurist, sci-fi reader/blogger, dreamer and prediction geek, but you have to get real, and "realize" that new technology doesn't live in a bubble, it's constantly being hyped and poked by the media. That's their job. Sometimes they are to blame, sometimes not.

Things are sensationalized, hence "The Peak Of Inflated Expectations", then the depression that follows, "Valley of Disillusionment" when it doesn't seem that technology delivered on its promises, example Google Glass. It wasn't technologies fault, it was our expectations! Something like Glass will be a success, it just hasn't arrived yet. I pick on Google, why? Because simply that one is just too perfect an example.

The Edison Amberola

My Product Line Of Software Apps For The Speech Impaired

My App Has Come Full Circle . . . What does this mean? Well for me it means my app is under review for submission to the Apple App store once again. Tediously slow.

Not the same app, but a greatly improved version of it. You see the journey started nearly 5 years and 8 months ago when the Apple iPad was first released . . . One of my best friends was in the hospital about a month later with a medical condition which caused a serious speech impairment. He couldn't speak, or more accurately his voice was so weak it was nearly impossible for anyone to understand!

I had the great idea of making an app to speak for him on the iPad, so all he had to do was press some buttons with words on them. My first attempt failed, or it barely worked, but I got some needed help by a new business partner, who re-coded the app while I reworked the UI design and we continued improving the app until it worked well enough for us to communicate with my speech impaired friend, who by now was transferred to a convalescent facility.

We tested again and it worked well. I made a few minor improvements to the design and at that point we decided to put the app in the Apple store to help other people with speech impairments.

Later I bought out my business partner, and decided to code and develop a modified and improved version of the app for the Android market myself. I even produced a simplified Amazon Fire version and a full blown Chrome Web App Browser based version which takes payments from PayPal. So in a general way, “I Finally Created My Own App Store” as well . . .

Setting up your own app store is not as easy as you might think. Yes e-commerce has been around for a long time in internet years as well as PayPal. But you have to realize a few things:

People are now use to going to the app stores, Apple and Google, rather than going to a private provider store for software apps. It is not just a trust issue, habits have been formed. Some of the customers are not use to using a web app with a login and password that is sold through a payment shopping cart on your website, sent to their Paypal email address, but some are, and some have to be reminded of it, even when instructions are clearly spelled out on the website. I did it this way, because people still know how to use shopping carts to purchase software access, but my experience has been that you need to sell access forever. A yearly renewal fee doesn't sell well for my kind of software.

Because you have to give access forever, this can be an issue if you don't design your app correctly and you get too many hits to the website, whether or not you scale in the cloud. The cost can be offset by new features bringing in new customers, but eventually you will have to raise per unit cost to scale financially and cover hosting. It is best to have a diversity of app types, native apps, hybrid apps and pure web apps. Everybody has a different need and device to support.

That's it for now. I'll post more as a learn more about what works and doesn't. I'm sure it is different for different types of software apps and customer audiences, you will have to figure out what works for you by trial and error, as I did.

The cost margin using Paypal is significant enough (~33% savings over conventional app stores) that I am surprised more people haven't tried this sooner? Maybe they have and I don't know about it, they may have failed, or it's a well kept secret?! Or maybe, just maybe I'm ahead of the curve. Only time will actually tell.

My App Is Better Than Your App! Really . . . It Is.

This article might be better titled "What Have I Learned About Building And Profiting From Apps?" The simple answer being it's not as easy as you think! Having a good idea for an app does not make a successful profitable app. You need much more.

Let's take a specific app in case like my app, "Touch Voice". One I have actual real world data on. That's not fair you might say, and you would be absolutely right. My app is not a game (although I have coded some in the past), it's not a social networking app, its not IoT, it's not popular, or even average. I can guarantee you that you have never even heard of it. Although, I'm still going to use it as an example anyway and you should thank me for that.

It basically has grossed over 26,000 dollars in 4 years. Not really great actually, but believe it or not it is better than the average for most apps... Not counting taxes and operating costs, and the simple fact that it has actually put me in some credit card debt, which I'm not going to say just how much. Is it a successful app? Probably not by most standards, but I still think so personally.

Let's face it. Like it or not, most apps usually fail. Ask yourself, how many people do you personally know with a successful app? Then again, ask yourself how many people do you know who have written some app more sophisticated than a simple "hello world"? Spare me, don't try to tell me your get rich quick app idea, I don't care, I've heard them all.

Remember the saying, "There is an app for that!" Well, "there is also a million idiots out there who think they have a good app idea!" You can actually quote me on that one. So why do I think my app is successful? Here is why . . .

History, Unfortunately On My Side

Graphic taken from The Economist, "To fly, to fall, to fly again", Issue July 25th 2015. Fair Use.

Silicon Valley is under stress. When is it not? You say.

Well the type of stress has changed. A few years back it was about finding a job in an economically challenged economy.

Now its about finding and keeping a job in an economically accelerated economy. With people questioning whether the "Tech Bubble" is just too big or is about to "POP!" (more likely a series of them, when it comes), with rents at the price of previous mortgage payments, and mortgage payments in the stratosphere, that is sky high! One million dollars for a one-and-a-half bedroom condo? The facets must be only gold plated then, with a robot parking garage and no concierge. How very terrible for you.

I can see clearly now, with my eyes the number of cranes on the skyline, which have doubled and now tripled. There are less parking spaces (thank you city supervisors) and more people needing to park. What about the green bike lanes and red bus only lanes? Some of our streets are just too damn narrow for both cars and bikes, not to mention pedestrians and construction everywhere. Injuries and fatalities can only be up, please be careful out there.

Greed is a motivator and many people are looking to cash in on the economic upswing. Many of the younger people, who are migrating here from another country, H1b, or just from a middle American state, are finding the Bay Area way too expensive to live in. Those tech companies and venture capitalists offering those high salaries and high valuations are clearly driving this change.

What am I complaining about? This is a good thing right?! It is better to have an economic boom, than bust, right . . .Well it depends on who you are and what your situation is, as it has always been the case. Not to quote Spock, but statistically, the greatest good, for the greatest amount of people, over the greatest period of time.

I think back to the last Dot.Com Boom and Bust, and whatever this one will ultimately be called . . . It devastated me, I was making the most I had ever made in my life, working so hard I could barely see straight. Playing hard too!

Maybe that's why I couldn't see straight? When the layoffs came, yes rounds of layoffs! I stupidly hadn't saved any money. Thinking it would just keep flowing, and if I lost a job, my skills where good, I could just get another one quickly.

Radical Graffiti Alley Art

Art in Silicon Valley Series #1, posted Video of graffiti alley in San Francisco @ intersection of Clarion and Valencia streets. Filmed July 25, 2015.

What Are We About?

Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley DNA, Globally, Locally and in Space. Virtually anything to do with relevant current (sometimes historical) all things, all going on about, how entrepreneurs are doing good! And sometimes those doing bad, when I feel like making it known.

Michael McAnally talks about how to be an entrepreneur in a series of videos recorded very ad-hoc and unscripted. Straight from the mind with a lot of aahhs in speaking.

I'm looking for real stories of silicon valley, start-ups, locally and globally, contact me (advertisers unwelcome), if you have a story you want to tell or if you would like to be a writer of stories for this magazine, we don't pay to start, but you never really know where this could lead . . . How exciting is that?!

Silicon Valley is hot right now, there even is a HBO series by the same name, but this site is about real stories, not made up ones from some script writer in Hollywood. More interesting anyway, in my opinion. And if you don't already know, telling a real story with passion can actually boost your business up, as well as any advertising $'s can, and its a whole lot cheaper.

Local Entrepreneurship

I was interested in learning how to sew, something my mother never taught me, mostly because that wasn't something boys learned back then. My father taught me how to take apart a car engine, and put it back together again, but I never learned how to sew.

So when I met Kyle Ng, you can understand why I was fascinated by his work, and it lead into this nice segment about Local Entrepreneurship.

Purchasing goods made locally, can really be good for the planet earth, because materials are not being shipped half-way across the world, just to take advantage of cheaper labor. Kyle has designed some innovative products, hand made with quality. You can check it out on his website at

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